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Heart Screening in October


The IWF is hosting a heart screening clinic in October 2020.

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Updates and Enrollments Needed for LCSII


We still need lots of hounds updated and many more entered in the Life Cycle Study II.

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Heart Screening - CANCELLED


Due to the ongoing COVID-19 epidemic, forthcoming heart screening clinics scheduled for this Spring have been cancelled.

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Heritability of AFib in IWs


A study was recently published (authored in part by our own Bill Tyrrell, DVM, Steve Rosenthal, DVM, Mariellen Dentino and Frances Abrams) examining pedigrees for IWs with and without atrial fibrillation to identify possible modes of inheritance.

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IWF Heart Screening Results - IWCA 2019


Summary of results from the IWF heart screening clinic held in conjunction with the 2019 IWCA National Specialty.

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The IWF is Conducting a Survey on Excessive Bleeding in IWs


The IWF and Dan Fletcher PhD, DVM, DACVECC, Associate Professor, Section of Emergency and Critical Care, Cornell, are conducting a survey on excessive bleeding in Irish Wolfhounds.

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Online LCSII Forms


Online LCSII forms are here!

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Updated Website


Our website is brand new! 

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Screening Clinic Signups


New clinics have been added to the signup form.

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IWF Heart Screening Results


Results from the heart screening held in conjunction with the IWCA National Specialty in May, 2018.

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IWF Plans Closer Followup of Hounds with Atrial Fibrillation


The Irish Wolfhound Foundation is interested in collecting additional data on Irish Wolfhounds with atrial fibrillation (a.k.a., Afib).

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Heart Testing at the 2017 National


An overview of IW cardiac study findings to-date, info on testing at the 2017 IWCA National Specialty and information on the Lifetime Cardiac Study II (LCSII).

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Regional Groups Can Help with IWF Study


The IWF needs the help of regional clubs to test as many dogs as possible for our studies. We can provide assistance in setting up the testing and subsidizing the cost.

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Heart Testing at the 2016 National


Results from 2016 IWF heart testing clinics.

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IWCA 2016 National Specialty Show Presentations


At the 2016 IWCA National Specialty show at Purina Farms in Eureka, MO, the IWF presented talks on the conclusions drawn from several IWF-funded studies, including the Echo/EKG comparison study, the Atrial Fibrillation study, and the Lifetime Cardiac Study. Powerpoint slides from those presentations are now available on our website.

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Going Foward with Heart Testing: The Lifetime Cardiac Study II and the OFA's New Cardiac Database


Information on changes to the LCS II forms, the new OFA Advanced Cardiac Database, and CHIC requirements for heart testing.

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OFA Announces New Database


The Orthopedic Foundation for Animals, in cooperation with the ACVIM Cardiologists, has now adopted a new clearance system for cardiac disease which is much more appropriate for Irish Wolfhounds.

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What It Means to be a Member of the IWF


And what it doesn't ...

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Rescue Considerations


Some thoughts on the TX rescue from Deborah Sanders and the RMIWA.  Many of these observations and bits of advice apply to anyone considering adoption of a rescue animal.  (originally posted on Facebook on the RMIWA page by Deborah Sanders; permission granted to crosspost)

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The IWF and Testing Registries


The Irish Wolfhound Foundation facilitates the completion of registration forms at our heart and eye clinics, but the test results aren't registered with an external organization till the owner sends in the completed form and registration fee.

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How You Can Help the IWF


Support the Irish Wolfhound Foundation!

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