Heart Testing at the 2016 National

This year saw a significant change in testing with the implementation of the new OFA statistical database, which should now have some of the statistics we have been publishing each time we do a clinic. The IWF has completed the Echo/EKG study and one of the conclusions of that study was that not every Irish Wolfhound needs an echocardiogram every year. Dogs with symptoms such as atrial fibrillation, significant murmurs, and exercise intolerance still should see a cardiologist and probably will need an echocardiogram. Otherwise healthy IWs can get by with an annual EKG.

The IWF is encouraging regional clubs to provide this testing at shows and other events and many clubs are doing that. Northern California this year helped the IWF by enrolling 28 dogs in the Life Cycle Study. IWANE has implemented heart testing at on their own (Mariellen and I got to watch the show for a change!) and Dr. Tyrrell provided the statistics on that testing for this report. The sign up for PVIWC in March was small enough that Dr. Tyrrell and his able assistant, daughter Ellie, were able to run the show without me and Mariellen. The Canadian Specialty in September also had to manage without me as I was breeding dogs (successfully it seems). Joanne Buehner Brown, who has helped at so many of our clinics, carried the equipment to Canada and helped Bill with the clinic there along with members of the IWCC. Mariellen and I did make it to IWADV and Locust Grove. The summaries below reflect only the Echo/EKG data from these clinics. EKG data will be summarized in the LCSII.

Dogs tested at 2016 Heart Testing Clinics

Age Male Female
2 years 2 4
2-3 years 11 15
3-4 years 4 12
4-5 years 5 4
5-6 years 2 5
6-7 years 0 1
7 years 2 4
Totals 26 45
Findings Males Females
Normals 13 35
Degenerative valve disease / incidental findings (normal) 6 5
Equivocal IWH Type DMC 0 2
IWH Type DMC 1 2
VPCs 4 1
Pericardial effusion/aortic tumor 0 0
Congenital Valve Disease 2 0
True Dilatative type cardiomyopathy 0 0

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