COED (Canine Osteosarcoma Early Detection) Enrollment

The Irish Wolfhound Foundation sponsored a pilot study with early enrollment for the COED study and already has 25 hounds enrolled. As part of the main study 50 more IWs will be accepted for the study which includes Rottweilers, Great Danes, Golden Retrievers, Irish Setters, Leonbergers, and large mixed breed dogs. The main study is now open for enrollment.



Osteosarcoma kills 20% of Irish Wolfhounds with no improvement in this number since 1986… genetic studies are ongoing. A new approach ….the COED study is designed to develop a reliable blood based test for detection of osteosarcoma not yet clinically evident. Such a test could then be combined with rationally designed treatments to kill the tumor before it is evident.



Any IW over 4.5 years old and currently healthy ( no lumps or bumps or cancer diagnosis or serious chronic health condition and must still have spleen) is eligible to participate. They must live in the contiguous 48 states to accommodate sample handling.



This study is for the future of the breed. No results will be sent to vets or owners of enrolled hounds.

Your vet must be able to process blood in-house, and you or vet office must guarantee blood will be shipped overnight by FedEx on the day collected.

Because processing of the samples is complex only a small number can be handled each day. Entered dogs from the 6 breeds will be randomized so it may be awhile before you hear back from the study. When you are contacted, please make the vet apt as soon as possible and confirm the appointment with an email so that all weekly slots can be filled.

All shipping and supplies are paid by the study but a charge for blood draw and exam may be charged by some vet offices. This will be the responsibility of the owner.

A short health questionnaire will be sent yearly by email.


Go to and fill out the screening questionnaire.

You will receive an automated email to confirm the answers have been recorded and you will receive a phone call or email for scheduling.

Participation involves more arrangements than a simple blood draw but please consider enrolling your hound in this important study. 

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