Pilot Study of a Test for Osteosarcoma in Irish Wolfhounds is Open to Enrollment

Bone cancer (osteosarcoma) is the number one killer of Irish Wolfhounds and despite all efforts the incidence has not decreased in over 40 years. It is unlikely that cancer will ever be completely eliminated but it may be possible to decrease its incidence, and the morbidity associated with this condition. It has been shown that a blood test can detect whether microscopic osteosarcoma remains in dogs after treatment. It is possible that the same test could detect an emerging bone tumor before any clinical signs of the cancer are present. Detecting the tumor in the its earliest stages could delay or possibly prevent tumor formation.

The first step in this research is the validation of the blood test to detect emerging osteosarcoma in clinically normal dogs.

You can read all about the study and find the link to study enrollment here.

Please consider helping with this research and if you have an eligible hound complete the preliminary enrollment as soon as possible.

Thank you!

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