Updates and Enrollments Needed for LCSII

With all the recent difficulty in daily lives, updating your hound’s health information in the longitudinal LCSII study may be easily forgotten.

Irish Wolfhounds need a robust health registry to understand what problems need attention and if health problems in our hounds are changing. The ongoing LCSII study will provide the most helpful data when large numbers of wolfhounds are represented. 

Please consider entering all hounds in your household in the LCSII Study. EKG (after age 2) and blood can be provided at a later date. We assume most IW puppies are healthy and hearty with few medical problems but there is not much data to actually document this.

Please help us make this study more valuable by entering your puppy, updating us on your already-entered hounds (including cause and date of death for those who have passed on), and encouraging anyone with a wolfhound of any age to participate in the LCSII study. All you need to do is fill out a simple form online.

Note: an EKG is not asked for until the hound is 2 as arrhythmia is very uncommon in youngsters. Blood can be provided anytime in the hound's lifetime.

An email reminder to update your hound's information may be coming soon for those dogs already enrolled in the study who haven't updated in the last year.

Thank you to all owners and hounds participating.

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