OFA Announces New Database

The Orthopedic Foundation for Animals, in cooperation with the ACVIM Cardiologists, has now adopted a two tiered clearance system for cardiac disease which is much more appropriate for our breed:


The IWF will begin using the new process in all heart testing at the IWCA National Specialty in May. 

Like the OFA eye testing process (and CERF) this will mean a three part form submitted at the time of testing.  One copy of this form will go to OFA for the statistical database.  One copy will remain with the examining cardiologist.  The third copy will be given to the owner who will then have the option of registering results with the OFA open database which is used by CHIC. 

We will be requesting additional information from each participant with the intent of having forms filled out prior to the testing. 

Dogs getting an updated EKG and auscultation only will also get a form although that will show that an echocardiogram was not performed. 

The IWF will still be doing research forms but this change makes it possible to have more local clubs sponsor heart testing.  

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