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Issues of Focus Newsletter

2023 - Issue #1

2022 Research Supported by the IWF, Update on IW Health from the LCSII, Why Heart Testing Should be Done on an Annual Basis, Rescue Report, Male IW Fertility Study

2021 - Issue #1

2021 Research Projects; Expanded Tax Benefits for 2021 Charitable Donations; IWF Heart Testing Report; Life Cycle II Study Update; Seizure Study Update; IV Bisphosonates for Osteosarcoma Pain Control; Overweight Dogs; Effectiveness of Benadryl; JAK Inhibitors for Allergies

2020 - Issue #1

Looking Back and Looking Forward (Study News), Bleeding Disorders in Irish Wolfhounds, The Best Time to Neuter/Spay, Health Review, Satellite Cardiac Clinics

2019 - Issue #1

Millie's Journey With Alternative Treatment for Hemangiosarcoma; The IWF at the 2019 National (includes summary of Dr. Lisa Freeman's nutrition talk); Bleeding Disorders in Irish Wolfhounds, A Survey; Update from LCSII Data 2019; Life Cycle II Follow Up Needed

2018 - Issue #1

Heart Testing at the 2018 IWCA National, Followup Study for Hounds with Afib, FCE in Wolfhounds (updated article)

2017 - Issue #1

Heart Testing at the National and Updates on IWF Studies, Weakness in the Rear Limbs, Canine Influenza Virus

2016 - Issue #2

Heart Testing Recommendations for ALL Irish Wolfhounds, SARDS and the Irish Wolfhound, 2016 Heart Testing Results, Regional Groups Help with IWF Study

2016 - Issue #1

Going Foward with Heart Testing: The Life Cycle Study II and the OFA's New Cardiac Database; Cardiac Lessons from the Lifetime Cardiac Study; Longevity Data from the Lifetime Cardiac Study

2015 - Issue #2

Heart Testing at IWADV, Trends in IW Health from the Lifetime Cardiac Study, TX Rescue Update, Canine Health Foundation Conference

2015 - Issue #1

Eye Testing at the IWCA National, PVCs in the Irish Wolfhound, Texas Rescue Update and Stories

2014 - Issue #2

Health Testing Updates, Texas Rescue Report

2014 - Issue #01

Heart Testing This Spring, Cardiomypopathy in Irish Wolfhounds, IWF Supports New Research, New Osteosarcoma Study at UPenn, An Engineer's Guide to Basic Cardiology

2013 - Issue #2

Update on IWF Heart Studies, IWF Rescue Grant Report, IWF Sponsored Speaker at IWADV 2013 (Osteosarcoma Vaccine Research), Second Gift to Continue Broad Institute IW Osteosarcoma Study

2013 - Issue #1

Broad Institute Osteosarcoma Project Update, Startle Disease Final Report, In Memoriam:  Bill Deemer and Diana Powers, Appreciation: Anne Janis

2012 - Issue #2

Fosamax Revisited, Progress by the Broad Institute, Study Updates, Meet William D Tyrrell Jr., Help Us Meet the challenge,  Cardiac Study on Echo vs. EKG, Reduced-cost Echocardiograms and EKGs

2012 - Issue #1

IWF and IWCA Announce Gift Agreement for Osteosarcoma Study, New Study on Startle Disease in IWs, Irish Wolfhound Seizure Study Update, IWF Sponsored Health Studies, Reduced-cost Echocardiograms and EKGs, Heart Testing at the IWCA National Specialty

2011 - Issue #2

Genetics FAQs, Epilepsy in the Irish Wolfhound - An Update, Hearts Tested at DelVal, Locust Grove Honors Anne Janis

2011 - Issue #1

Cardiac Disease in the Irish Wolfhound (update), Why Test for Hip Dysplasia?, Results from IWF Echo Clinic at IWCA 2011, What Can I Do to Help?

2010 - Issue #2

Canine Osteosarcoma and Hemangiosarcoma:  The Challenge of the Dog Disease Mapping Project, Early Spay-Neuter Considerations for the Canine Athlete, IWF-Sponsored Heart Testing at IWADV Specialty

2010 - Issue #1

IWF Launches Redesigned Website, Final report from the IW Osteosarcoma Treatment study, Epilepsy in the Irish Wolfhound – An Update, Abstract of study on Interleukin-12 as a cancer treatment, As the Summer Heats Up (tips for caring for dogs in the summer heat), Cardiac Health in Irish Wolfhounds

2009 - Issue #1

Idiopathic Epilepsy Study Update, Cardiomyopathy, Heart Disease: A Leading Cause of Death in IWs, news of the IWF/IWS Merger, and a report from the IWF Seminar at IWADV 2009

2007 - Issue #1

Updates for the Chronic/Recurring Pneumonia, Lifetime Cardiac and AFib Neurohormone studies, Shallow Gene Pool: Dive at Your Own Risk, Coat Color, and Resistance is Futile (discussion of antibiotic resistance)

2006 - Issue #1

Cardiology Vets Evaluate 'Rescue' Drug Pimobendan, Under the Microscope: Antibiotics

2005 - Issue #2

Pneumonia - What You Need to Know, Liver Shunt in the IW, Lifetime Cardiac Study update, 2005 CERF Clinic report

2005 - Issue #1

Lymphoma - What You Need to Know, The Battle of the Bulge, Results of Urinalyses in 77 IWs

2004 - Issue #2

2004 CERF Clinic report, Hydrotherapy Helps Heal, IW Respiratory Disease/PCD

2004 - Issue #1

Bloodwork Basics - A Reference Guide, Osteosarcoma - What You Need to Know

2003 - Issue #4

Lifetime Cardiac Study update, osteosarcoma study descriptions

2003 - Issue #3

Hemangiosarcoma - What You Need to Know, Laparoscopic-assisted Gastropexy, Results of Urinalyses in 64 IWs, 2003 CERF Clinic report

2003 - Issue #2

Pneumonia and PCD study report, Fierce When Provoked (temperament discussion), historical IW article

2003 - Issue #1

Blood Pressure: What's Normal for IWs, Lifetime Cardiac Study update, historical IW articles