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Cancers, especially osteosarcoma (bone cancer), are all too common in Irish Wolfhounds. From the Lifetime Cardiac Study: 

"Cancer is the major killer of our hounds with no decrease in incidence in the last 20 years (36.6%).

Osteosarcoma is BY FAR the most common cancer in IWs and kills 20% of ALL our hounds. This incidence has not decreased although the average age at death is slightly improved 6.6-7.0 years.

The next two most common cancers are lymphoma which killed 4.7% of all hounds and at a younger age (average age at death was 6 years) and hemangiosarcoma which was diagnosed in 2.3% and killed older hounds (8.5 years). These are followed by many other cancers including breast, stomach, prostate, lung."

It is unknown at this point of time if cancer is hereditary and if so, which types. Research is ongoing in this area.

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