Project to Clarify the Heritable Contribution to Osteosarcoma in IWs

Understanding the heredity of osteosarcoma in the Irish Wolfhound is an important step in decreasing the incidence. Researchers at the University of Wisconsin have created an extensive health matrix using the online Irish Wolfhound Database (IWDB) and data from the Irish Wolfhound Foundation.

Documentation of cases and controls is still needed. Every dog documented helps.

Please take a moment to review your hound's pedigree and identify any hound diagnosed with osteosarcoma, or any hound who lived to age 10 without osteosarcoma. The matrix includes hounds from the past so dogs that died long ago can contribute greatly.

  • Please send the registered name of the hound and the age osteosarcoma was diagnosed (if known).
  • Please also send the registered name and cause of death (if known) of any hound living past 10 without osteosarcoma as they are valuable controls and also contribute much needed information.
  • If you have an unregistered hound but know at least one of the parents, send the name of the hound and the registered name of the known parent, along with the hound's age at osteosarcoma diagnosis.

Send the information to Put IWH OSA in the subject line.

Thank you from all Irish Wolfhounds.

Additional Study Details

Study Date(s): 10/1/2020
Study Status: Ongoing
Enrollment Status: OPEN to new enrollment
Lead Researcher(s): University of Wisconsin

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