Genetic Test for Osteosarcoma in Irish Wolfhounds

The AKC Canine Health Foundation is funding a grant proposal to investigate the Genetic Basis of Early Onset Osteosarcoma in the Irish Wolfhound. The IWF and the IWCA are providing support via their donor directed funds.
Osteosarcoma kills 20% of our hounds with no improvement in that statistic since 1986. There appears to be a special group of hounds that develop OSA at a very young age and these hounds are the focus of this research. A genetic test to identify these hounds before breeding would be helpful. This research - the first genetic osteosarcoma study involving only IWs - is being led by Dr. Susannah Sample and the Comparative Genetics Research Lab Team at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. There have been many calls for blood and funding to help our hounds with OSA and only minimal steps forward thus far. However looking at a more defined problem and with better technology improves chances of meaningful results.
Included but not entirely covered by the CHF grant is the creation of a state of the art IW Genome. The IWF and the IWCA will help support this with additional funding. This high quality DNA code for the IW will be used for the osteosarcoma study and then made available for the wider canine research community.

Study Participation

The study is collecting blood samples and (when available) pedigrees for:

1. Purebred Irish Wolfhounds who have developed osteosarcoma before the age of 6. If either (or both) parent(s) is available to donate a blood sample, that would be of great value as well.
2. Purebred Irish Wolfhounds over 10 years old who have not developed osteosarcoma.
3. Pedigrees of IW families with at least 1 individual that has a known age and cause of death, regardless of whether that dog is still alive.
A blood sample and pedigree information should be submitted to the University of Wisconsin. Email for instructions.

Additional Study Details

Study Date(s): 09/01/2020
Study Status: Ongoing
Enrollment Status: OPEN to new enrollment
Lead Researcher(s): Susannah Sample, DVM, MS, PHD, DACVS

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