[COMPLETED] Simultaneous EKG and Echocardiograms in the Mature IW

There have been recent publications that suggest that a significant percentage of Irish Wolfhounds have silent cardiomyopathy not detected by physical exam or EKG.

This is true in many breeds. However, the cardiac disease of the Irish Wolfhound appears unique and is usually preceded by atrial fibrillation on the EKG.

It is known that the incidence of heart disease increases with age in Irish Wolfhounds and 30% have atrial fibrillation by age six. There is effective treatment for heart disease if detected early. Every IW needs to be screened for heart disease at least annually.

This study compares EKG and echo at the same time in mature Irish Wolfhounds (2 years of age or older). The purpose of this study is to validate the EKG (easily available and inexpensive) as a screening test for Irish Wolfhound heart disease.

Additional Study Details

Study Date(s): 2003-01-01
Study Status: Completed
Enrollment Status: CLOSED to new enrollment
Lead Researcher(s): Drs. Henry Green DVM & William Tyrrell DVM

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