Chronic/Recurring Pneumonia

This study is investigating whether pneumonia in Irish Wolfhounds is related to a defect in the cilia known as Primary Cilia Dyskinesia.  PCD is known to be an inherited disease and is autosomally recessive, meaning an individual has to inherit two copies of the defective gene to have the condition.  One theory is that severe or chronic pneumonia in Irish Wolfhounds may be related to an incomplete inheritance (i.e., only one copy of the defective gene), such that some cilia function normally and some do not, and over time the individual's ability to remove dirt, dust and microbes from the lungs declines.

The same types of samples being collected from IWs with PCD can also be collected and analyzed in hopes of finding a genetic mutation responsible in Wolfhounds who have or have had pneumonia.

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Additional Study Details

Study Date(s): 0000-00-00
Study Status: Ongoing
Enrollment Status: OPEN to new enrollment
Lead Researcher(s): Margret Casal, Dr med vet, PhD

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