[COMPLETED] Mapping the IW Genome


Genetic studies in dogs are often dependent on the use of a reference genome - when researchers look for genetic mutations that associate with disease they need a map to serve as a baseline for DNA code. When the first dog reference genome was was created in 2005 a boxer named Tasha was used.
At the time researchers felt this reference assembled from a single dog was sufficient to reflect the DNA from any dog in any breed. Over time this has proven problematic. An Irish Wolfhound is not a Boxer just as a Laborador is not a Chihuahua.
While use of the boxer genome has worked for many studies it has created roadblocks for others. A high quality IW genome will maximize the chance of finding mutations associated with early onset osteosarcoma in the Irish Wolfhound.

An IW bitch has already donated blood and sequencing is ready to begin. A small skin biopsy is growing her fibroblasts to assure an adequate back up supply of DNA.

Genome Mapping Update September 2021

Additional Study Details

Study Date(s): 9/1/2020
Study Status: Completed
Enrollment Status: CLOSED to new enrollment
Lead Researcher(s): Susannah Sample, DVM, MS, PHD, DACVS

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