COED Main Study Open for Enrollment

The Canine Osteosarcoma Early Detection ( COED) study is investigating a new way to fight osteosarcoma. Led by Dr. Jaime Modiano from the University of Minnesota and funded by 6 breeds with a high incidence of this cancer, COED will validate a blood test to find osteosarcoma before it is clinically evident. The eventual goal is to treat in these very early stages.
Recruitment started several months ago. 75 Irish wolfhounds are invited to participate but so far only 40 have enrolled. If we cannot enroll enough IWs another breed will be offered the remaining slots.
Participating in this study is to help the hounds of the future.
Links to more information: IWF site ; U of MN website.
Any healthy hound (no chronic illness or history of cancer). 4 1/2 years or older living in the contiguous US is eligible.
Some vets charge for processing the blood and the IWF will reimburse these vet costs up to $50 with proof of study entry and invoice.
The hounds thank you!

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