Bleeding Disorder Cheek Swabs Needed

Blood Clotting in the Irish Wolfhound

Late onset post operative bleeding in the greyhound is well documented and associated with hyperfibrinolysis or early breakdown of clots. There is now a genetic test to identify this problem in the Scottish Deerhound. Preliminary work by Dr Dan Fletcher suggests Irish Wolfhounds may also  be at risk.

After the genetic test in Scottish Deerhounds was made available, the Irish Wolfhound Foundation sent DNA from 11 Irish Wolfhounds to see if this mutation was present. Unfortunately more than 50% of the hounds carried the mutation. The  sample was very small and the clinical significance of the mutation in the Irish Wolfhound is unknown at this time. But this definitely needs further evaluation.
As a first step, screening for the mutation in 100 hounds will document the incidence in a larger cohort of IWs.

The IWF will sponsor testing for this mutation at the National Specialty this year. Cost of the test will be covered by the IWF. The test is a non invasive cheek swab, and results will be sent to owners by email as soon as data is available. Any age hound can be tested.

The more hounds tested the more meaningful the results. There are enough kits available to test 100 hounds.

Further details for sign up for the genetic test will be available on site and will be posted to Facebook.

IWF Health and Research Committee

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