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The less serious conditions do not affect vision. These include distichaisis (eyelashes are abnormally located on the eyelid margin), and iris cysts. 

Cataracts occur in IWs as they do in other breeds. They can be caused simply by old age, trauma, infection or disease. Cataracts which are of unknown origin may be hereditary.

A serious and definitely hereditary condition is progressive retinal atrophy (PRA), a degenerative disease of the retina that progresses to blindness. Breeders in Great Britain made an effort several years ago to breed away from this condition, and succeeded in lowering its occurrence. All breeders should screen their dogs for PRA annually.

Another disease assumed to be inherited is retinal dysplasia. This can be retinal folds, which are not serious, or geographic retinal dysplasia. It is recommended that dogs with geographic retinal dysplasia not be bred. Again, annual eye screening is recommended.

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