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Upcoming Heart Testing - IWCA

Posted Dec 29, 2016.

Upcoming heart testing dates/locations:

  • IWCA specialty show, Geneva, NY, Saturday, Wednesday, May 24 and Thursday, May 25.

The Irish Wolfhound Foundation is sponsoring heart testing as part of our heart disease research at upcoming Irish Wolfhound specialty shows as listed above.  Tests offered will include EKG’s and echocardiograms. Pre-registration is STRONGLY preferred so testing will go smoothly at the show site.  Tested hounds must be 2 years of age or older.  

EKGs (recommended annually for all IWs) will be offered at $60. For echocardiograms (if indicated), owners will pay only $200 per hound if the hound is between 2 and 7 years old, and $120 for hounds who are 8 or older OR hounds of any age who have been diagnosed with Atrial Fibrillation.  All tests include auscultation by a Board-certified cardiologist. Testing costs are subsidized by the IWF, and all data collected will be used by the Foundation to support ongoing heart studies. Additional donations to the Foundation are much appreciated and wisely used to fund our mission of Health, Education, & Rescue. 

Remember, heart disease in Irish Wolfhounds is often treatable if detected early. Getting your IW's heart tested is important for everyone, not just breeders!

Since most heart disease in Irish Wolfhounds is not due to congenital defects, but rather develops as the hound gets older, we limit testing to hounds 2 years and older.  If you suspect that your younger hound has a heart problem, do not wait till any specialty for testing.  See your veterinarian immediately and get a referral to a board certified cardiologist.

Test Scheduling

To schedule a heart testing appointment please complete our online Cardiac Testing signup form.  Frances Abrams is coordinating the schedules and will e-mail you a confirmation, and let you know an approximate time for your dog to be tested.  There may be some slight changes in time due to the show schedule.   Please let Frances know as soon as possible if you cannot make your appointment.

DNA Blood Draws

The IWF will also be drawing blood for the IWF DNA bank.  We will have copies of our blood draw consent form available. We would be grateful if your hound can donate a small blood sample at the specialty.

Echocardiogram Information

An echo is painless and non-invasive, and allows the cardiologist to visualize and assess the overall health of the heart. Some of the things an echo can show are leakage of blood through the valves, the size of the heart, abnormal communications between the left and the right sides of the heart, and heart muscle contractility.

OFA Registration

We will give you a copy of the cardiac OFA form so you can register your hound's heart test results individually with the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA). OFA registration requires an EKG and auscultation by a Board-certified veterinary cardiologist.

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