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Please Help Us Find the Genes That Cause Irish Wolfhound Bone Cancer

Posted Nov 21, 2012.

The Irish Wolfhound Foundation is working with leading geneticists to help identify the gene(s) involved with bone cancer. We know that cancer, whether hereditary or not, is a disease of genes. But we don’t know which set of genes malfunction when an Irish Wolfhound gets osteosarcoma.

If you have a wolfhound diagnosed with bone cancer, we need a blood sample from your dog. We also need more blood samples from wolfhounds eight years of age or older who have never had any type of cancer.

This blood will go into our own Irish Wolfhound DNA blood bank, which the IWF established in 2004 in order to support research specifically designed to help our breed.  This is NOT the same as CHIC, so if your dog’s blood is in CHIC and you would like to help, you will need to give another blood sample.

You can donate blood at any time using the forms associated with the IWF DNA Bank (links to the forms are also on the left side of this page).  

The IWF is also supporting the Broad Institute's study of the genetics of osteosarcoma in Irish Wolfhounds.  Blood from affected hounds is particularly needed.

Thank you for supporting the critical research that is our best hope for fighting osteosarcoma in our beloved hounds.

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