The Irish Wolfhound Foundation

Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia/Rhinitis

Study Start Date: 07-09-2004
Study End Date: Ongoing
Enrollment Status: OPEN to new enrollment
Lead Researcher(s): Margret Casal, Dr med vet, PhD

Wolfhound rhinitis is a disease that mainly affects the respiratory tract, i.e. the nasal passages and the lungs. In the Irish Wolfhound this syndrome was first described in the 1960's but has been mentioned in the literature infrequently since then. However, we have recently become aware of an increased number of cases both in the United States and Europe. In a collaborative effort between Dr. Iris Reichler at the University of Zürich in Switzerland and ourselves at the University of Pennsylvania, we have begun collecting data and blood samples from affected dogs, their healthy littermates and their parents.

To eliminate PCD from the breeding population, a DNA-based test would be extremely valuable. Currently, we are trying to find the gene for PCD and subsequently develop a DNA-based test for the disease. To perform these investigations, we are requesting blood samples from normal and affected dogs to extract DNA.

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