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The Education Goal is to collect and establish a library of historic and resource materials and to organize a database of information about the Irish Wolfhound, which will be available to scholars of the breed.

To provide enhanced educational opportunities for caretakers of the breed, and to foster and promote learning experiences relevant to all IW caretakers by partnering with the IWCA and regional IW organizations to institute and produce educational events.

Speakers at the 2004 Specialty:

Margret Casal, Assistant Professor of Medical Genetics, Univeristy of Pennsylvania;
Epilepsy and Primary Ciliary Dyskenesia in the Irish Wolfhound

Dr. Nathan B. Sutter, Canine Genomics Laboratory, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center;
The Canine Genome Project and the Irish Wolfhound

Dr. Pamela J. Grasso, DVM; Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Therapy for Wolfhounds
Dr. R. Scott Dovem DVM; Chiropractic Therapy for Sighhounds

Speaker at the IWADV Specialty Joint Sponsership with the IWADV:

"Recent Advances In Canine Reproduction - An Informal Talk" Dr. Robert S. Dove


Speakers at the 2003 National Specialty:

Dr. Janice M. Bright, , CSU; The Heart of the Wolfhound

Dr. Petra Jakobs, geneticist, Oregon Health Sciences University; Mapping the Gene for Atrial Fibrillation in IWs

Rhonda Hovan, Dog writer and breeder/judge of Golden Retrievers; Using Vertical Pedigrees to Manage Complex Genetic Traits

Speaker at the RMIWA Specialty - Joint Sponsorship with RMIWA

Dr. William Dernell, CSU, Alendronate for Palliation in IW Osteosarcoma

Speaker at the IWADV Specialty - Joint Sponsorship with IWADV

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